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About Me

Hi, I’m Esthanette (Es tuh net), and thank you for considering having me as a part of your journey! I’m a trained full-spectrum doula. All that means is that I can support you during the prenatal, labor, birth, and postnatal period. I want to ensure that you receive evidence-based information to make informed decisions about your care. I want to help equip you with the tools not only to navigate your birth space and care but tools to help you feel prepared after your baby comes earthside. My goal is to work with you to provide nonjudgmental, embracing, educational, intimate, and personalized care throughout your journey. I’m ready to embrace you and welcome you to my doula family.
I embrace birthing people and their families in the DC Metro Area (virtually and in-person), Atlanta Metro (virtually and in-person), and across the nation (virtually).

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