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Etta’s Embrace is dedicated to liberating people who menstruate with evidence-based information about their bodies. We aim for everyone to be active participants in their care and make informed decisions.

Calculate Savings

Are you curious to know how much money you spend on period products over six month? over a lifetime? Calculate and share it with us!


"Birth doulas are specifically trained and experienced to offer pregnant people physical, emotional, and educational support before, during, and after childbirth." - The Educated Birth

period chats with paint (1).png

Grab a glass of wine, a paint brush, and a ceramic and have a conversation with Doula Esthanette about periods!

Happy Friends

Periods are a part of life for people who menstruate, but sometimes you may have questions about how to navigate phases of your cycle.

Online Class

On Embracing Blogs, we discuss all of these topics and more! Our sweet spot is proving resources for people of color who menstruate.

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