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Menstrual Wellness as Self-Care and Community Care

Wellness is about caring for our body, mind, and spirit and finding balance. It’s about understanding how different parts of our life interact and influence each other and learning how to make positive changes for overall health and well-being. Usually, when this topic comes up, our minds immediately consider time management, exercise, stress management, and nutrition.

...But what about our period?

Considering all the ways we care for ourselves, our menstrual cycle may be an experience that “happens to you” instead of one we are in flow with each month. I’m sure you’ve been there, going to pee and seeing a spot on your underwear or when you wipe, signaling the start of your period. Or maybe you had some cramps you thought were just gas but realized it was your period. And perhaps this happened in public - your period came, but you didn’t walk with period products - now you’re discreetly asking people for supplies or making a makeshift pad out of toilet paper. Period products really need to be accessible to everyone.