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So you’re pregnant and have heard about doulas. But, what is a birth doula?

Every pregnant person deserves a birth doula.

Yes. Every single one. Name one that does not need one and I owe you loose leaf tea.

Pregnant people deserve information that is backed by research and evidence, validation throughout trimesters, emotional support, and someone who has your back.

Maybe you already have a solid support system; that’s amazing!

But maybe you could use additional support in understanding the different stages of your pregnancy or your labor since every pregnancy is different.

Here are some telltale signs a birth doula could benefit you

3 signs you could really use doula support

As described by Best Doula, a birth doula is an individual who “[builds] relationships with expecting families to help them have a positive birth experience. We help facilitate conversations between the birthing person and [their] care provider, provide non-judgmental support for [their] birth choices, and support the family through labor and birth. We work with our minds, hearts, and hands and are a bridge to many other forms of care.”

So, does this sound like someone you would want on your birth team?

Okay, maybe you need just a little more convincing.

That’s okay! Here are three signs a birth doula is right for you.

1. You have a ton of questions about your pregnancy, but are unsure who to ask or how to ask

I know you’re watching those #pregnancy tik tocs, instagram reels, and youtube videos. Whether this is your first pregnancy, second, or even third, every pregnancy experience is different and with difference may come questions. You may be wondering about a sensation that you are feeling. What is with this particular craving you seem to have. If there is a more comfortable sleep position. Is laying on your back the best way to deliver a baby.

The list goes on and on. Like I mentioned earlier, you may have a solid support system, but sometimes they may not know the answers to the questions you have. Google may not have the answer either, or you’re finding so many answers you don’t know which answer is correct. (remember when I told you every pregnancy is different?)

2. You could really use a foot rub right now

Yeah, that’s right. Doula’s provide physical support. Now it may not be a back rub or foot rub necessarily, but through working with you and understanding your needs, we can be responsive to those needs. It is my job to be present with you throughout the trimesters. I can teach you some tricks and moves that help to Provide comfort during pregnancy and when labor starts, I create space for you to allow your body to work how you need it to work.

I’m trained to know the best positions for various points in your labor and where to apply pressure to relieve pain. As birth doulas, we double-hip squeeze, we massage, we hand hold. I dance through contractions with you and help you feel as validated and empowered.

3. You want an empowered pregnancy and birth

Empowerment is defined as …To be empowered means that you are able to make informed decisions about all aspects of your pregnancy and care. It means being given the tools to create decisions that are best for your body. Your doula can advocate for your care based on the needs you have expressed during our time working together through your birth plan. Your doula can also create the space you need for your voice to be heard in all spaces. Doulas can ensure that the focus is on you and your needs throughout the childbirth process.

I know I said 3 signs, but this is a bonus sign

4. Your partner does not know what’s going on

Remember when we talked about having a solid support system? You can have a solid support system and they do not know what to do in a moment of need. Two truths can coexist.

As your doula, I am able to show up for you and teach your partner how to show up for you during your pregnancy. The body is phenomenal and there are hormones at work throughout your pregnancy journey and labor where your partner doing comfort measures may be increasingly helpful for you. Pregnancy is a great bonding time for you and baby, for your partner and baby, and for you and your partner. Your doula can support your journey.

Okay, so it sounds like a birth doula is right for you?

Were you reading through this and realizing that a birth doula sounds like a great addition to your birth team?

If you were saying “mmhmm”, “oh, that’s true”, or even nod your head. It sounds like you can definitely benefit for having a birth doula.

If you’re pregnant and live in Washington, D.C., Maryland, or Virginia and are looking for physical support, evidence-based informational support, emotional support, and/or a partner support, a birth doula is on the other side of this click.

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