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Dismantling Period Stigma One Chat at a Time

The besties came out to paint at our December 1 workshop. Choosing between a uterus and a menstrual cup image - Period Chats With Paint was started to create space for menstruating people to start talking about their period.

Besties learned some shocking statistics about period supplies, like how 23 out of 50 states in the United States (including DC) have exempted period products from taxation - not including the five states with no sales tax. But it does mean that there are states where period supplies are taxed like we have control over a biological function.

We discussed dismantling the stigma around periods and how community care can positively impact your period. Attendees shared first-period experiences and shared what products they liked to use at different points of their period. Doula Estie shared her love for period discs and period underwear. Read about how dope period underwear is here.

In the days leading up to the workshop, we hosted a giveaway on our Instagram Page. Make sure you are following us @EttasEmbrace to keep up with us. Check out our bestie Rachel with her Period Chats With Paint Tote Bag. If you want first access to our merch, sign up to join the Embrace Community!

Thank you to Eveline at Wine and Organics for sharing space with us. Wine and Organics is a Black Woman-Owned business located in Chevy Chase dedicated to revolutionizing how people engage with wine. Check out their website to join a wine tasting or host your next event!

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