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Hosted by Doula Esthanette,
Founder & CEO at Etta's Embrace

Etta's Embrace workshops aim to be non-judgmental, educational, and liberating environments for people who menstruate, and the people that support them to promote holistic care.

Grab a glass of wine, a paint brush, and a ceramic, and have a conversation with Doula Esthanette about periods!

When was the last time you talked about your period with someone who wanted to hear about your experience? Have you ever wanted to talk to someone? Now here is your opportunity to be in a space with other people who menstruate and who are open to listening. Let’s grab a glass of wine, a paintbrush, and a ceramic and have a conversation about our periods!

Hosted by Doula Esthanette, during this workshop you will engage in discussions about:

  • Techniques for coping with your period

  • How people who menstruate can be impacted by sales prices

  • How to have a conversation about your period with your provider

  • Saving money on period supplies

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